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"WPF/E" Is Now Microsoft Silverlight

I thought Microsoft was going to wait until MIX 07 to announce some of this stuff, but chose the National Association of Broadcasters instead to show off Microsoft Silverlight, formerly "WPF/E". DevDiv VP "Soma" Somasegar had this to say:

As I mentioned, this Silverlight announcement at NAB is only part of the story, the rest will be unveiled at MIX including details about how Silverlight is a core component of Microsoft’s broader .NET platform. Keep your eyes on Mix07 as part of Ray Ozzie’s and Scott Guthrie’s keynote – be sure to check it out.

Ray Ozzie and Scott Guthrie on the same stage? You better believe that's going to be a good keynote. Make me wish I was going to MIX this year.

I think the branding is HOT. The logo is sexy, and the site design is very Apple-esque. It should appeal a lot to those types of designer-developers, which is teh audience Microsoft is trying to capture. Too bad they didn't have a Silverlight-enabled home page ready for launch though. I would expect it to have a bit more interactivity.

At any rate, it just goes to show you that the Developer Division is still Microsoft's best at rapidly executing innovative new technologies.

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