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WordPress BlogML Export 1.0

Well, after this weekend, I'm no longer a Linux and PHP virgin.

So one of my new things to try to de-stress from the week is to not do regular work on the weekend, and to devote the time to my own personal projects. Hopefully this will keep me from being sidetracked during the week. So this weekend, I decided to work on a project that has been in the back of my mind for a long time.

I've been looking for a tool that will let me export WordPress blogs into other blog engines for a while now. I think BlogML is awesome, but it doesn't have much support for non-Microsoft platforms. WordPress itself has it's own export tool, but for some reason, they created their own "Extended RSS" format, which supports... only WordPress. Apparently they think that WordPress bloggers are only going to migrate to other WordPress blogs.

I'll talk more about the process I went throught to build this later (it sucked, trust me). But this post is about the tool, so here it goes. Instead of creating a WordPress template that renders the blog in BlogML, I rewrote the built-in Export tool to output BlogML, instead of the WXR format. It supports blogs, blog authors, posts, comments, and trackbacks. It does not currently support other users or post attachments, due to limitations in the BlogML spec.

I've added the code to the BlogML space on Codeplex, so if you're looking to get off of WordPress and get onto SubText or Community Server, now you can do it. If you have any feedback about this tool, please post it on CodePlex, so I can track any work items and fix thing throughout my weekend project time.