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Windows SideShow for Windows Mobile Beta – FINALLY!

If you thought the development cycle for Vista was long, consider Windows SideShow for Windows Mobile. I can’t tell you how many times I heard this thing promised during the Longhorn Beta. At least Vista got a promised ship date, the only thing Microsoft promised with WS4WM was “it’s coming”.

Well, 18 months after Vista shipped, Microsoft has FINALLY released “version 0.01” (could you guys be any *more* confident in this build?) of Windows SideShow for Windows Mobile. I wasn’t able to try it yet, because SideShow is not available on Windows Server 2008, but I’ve got another machine I might try it on shortly.

So if you’ve got the #1 smartphone platform on the planet, and a bluetooth-enabled Vista computer, you should fire it up and take it for a spin. Anyone else tried it yet? I’d love to hear some other user’s thoughts about it’s usefulness, value, etc.