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Windows Server 2008 On the Desktop

My recent server issues notwithstanding, I am totally in love with Windows Server 2008. I think it is the best Server OS that Microsoft has ever released. It may very well be the best Server OS on the market today.

I've been thinking about dual-booting between Vista SP1 and WS2008 on my laptop. I wouldn't have to, but there aren't Hyper-V Integration Components for Windows Vista SP1 yet (which isn't entirely accurate, because the IC files say they support it, but the installer doesn't), and the Server version, though it has the Desktop Experience, does not have any media features (WMC, WMM, etc).

So Vijayshinva Karnure of Microsoft India posted the 10 steps necessary to turn Windows Server 2008 into a great workstation OS. it's very handy, especially if you want your experience to be a little more visually appealing.