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Windows PowerShell (and .NET) on Windows Server 2008 Core

Windows PowerShell is an incredibly powerful tool that makes managing servers a LOT easier. The problem is, you can’t run it on Server Core, which is arguably where it would be most useful. The reason is that PowerShell requires the .NET Framework, which is not supported on Server Core because of it’s reliance on GDI, which is removed from Server Core to minimize the footprint. (Hopefully the next version of the .NET Framework will have a stripped-down version that is not reliant on GDI; maybe a variant of the Silverligfht runtime.)

Well, now, someone has figured out how to get PowerShell on Server Core, by modifying the .NET Framework 2.0 SP1 installer to stop testing for Windows Server 2008. Now, this is completely unsupported by Microsoft, and it’s a pretty safe bet that stuff will break if you try to run any other .NET apps, but at least you’ll have better scripting support.

I wonder if this means you’d be able to serve up ASP.NET pages with IIS7 on Server core…



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