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WPF/E CTP Due Out Soon

BetaNews is reporting that the first CTP of Windows Presentation Foundation / Everywhere (WPF/E) is due to be released soon.

"WPF/E came about not as a "me too" but as the result of candid conversations with Microsoft customers," explained developer Joe Stegman over the weekend. "So at the core, WPF/E is about something fundamentally different than a "me too" technology - it's about providing a continuum for developers/designers/CTOs across the full Microsoft developer/designer product offering."

Stegman adds that although WPF/E has been designed with a broad group of developers and usage scenarios in mind, it must be consistent with other Microsoft product offerings. "Obviously, this is not something the Flash Platform can or should be," he said.


"Although we've been silent, we have been working non-stop since I presented at Mix 06 last year," Stegman added. "We've released several Microsoft internal versions of WPF/E and will be releasing an external Customer Technology Preview (CTP) soon."

I for one can't WAIT to see what kind of bad-ass software people will be writing for mobile devices with WPF/E. I'm curious though... is that what is running Windows Sideshow is running? Maybe that's why the PocketPC/Smartphone version of Sideshow hasn't been released yet. Anyone know anything about this?



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