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Windows Media Center Update Rollup 1 for Windows Vista

Who says you have to wait until SP1 to get new features in Vista? Update Rollup 1 for Windows Media Center was just put up on Windows Update. Install with caution, however. On one of my systems, installing this update caused both IE7 and Outlook 2007 to crash repeatedly. I had to uninstall it, but fortunately I don't use WMC on that system. I installed the update on the box I use for WMC without a problem.

Here are the details:

Replaces the following hotfixes

  • 929011 Windows Media Center does not correctly configure a combo TV tuner that supports both ATSC and NTSC signals on a Windows Vista-based computer
  • 932753 When you resize the Windows Media Center window in Windows Vista, video playback may stop

Fixes the following problems

  • The video may appear to freeze when the movie begins in some DVDs.
  • When you rotate a picture during a slide show in Windows Media Center, the wrong photo may be rotated.
  • The cover art for recorded TV movies may not appear in the DVD library view.
  • When you delete a picture in Windows Media Center, you may receive an error message.
  • When you try to play a DVD by using Autoplay, you may receive an error message.

Improves the following areas

  • Online Media support has been added for Windows Media Center on 64-bit versions of Windows Vista Home Premium or Windows Vista Ultimate.
  • Video Playlist support has been added for Windows Media Center Extenders.
  • Improvements have been made to Online Media caching.