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Win an Acer Ferrari 5000 from Chris Pirillo

Chris Pirillo is giving away the Acer Ferrari 5000 he got from Microsoft & AMD late last year. To win, you have to write a review of his podcast in iTunes, or post a video on YouTube of yourself listening to the podcast on your DAP. Visit his website for more details.



  • TechHerding said:

    It would be good if he gave away several battery packs with it as well.  I had a 4000 and it went back to the shop twice because it completely stopped charging.  (Turned out that this was a known problem, when I did a little searching.)  It also ate batteries like bon-bons, rarely managing two complete hours without a re-charge.

    But plugged in to the wall, it was a screamer.

    May 28, 2007 12:56 PM