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Why Microsoft Points Are Like Poker Chips

I was reading an article on today, talking about a former Vegas Pit Boss' secrets for not getting bankrupted at the tables. There was one interesting part in there that reminded me a lot of Microsoft Points:

Chips vs. cash
The inventor of chips was a genius. Plopping down a stack of $100 chips isn't nearly as painful as putting down a wad of $100 bills. When you win a small jackpot at the tables, dealers automatically pay you in chips, hoping you'll burn right through them without a second thought. Have you ever noticed there are a dozen places in a casino to buy chips but only one place where you can cash them in? Cash goes straight into your pocket, and the casino owners know they might never see it again.

I've talked about this a lot with various people I encounter, when they rip on Zune for not having songs at $1 (which they do, as 80 Points = $1USD, I usually then point out). I think that people actually have a tendency to spend more money on Xbox or Zune Marketplaces than they do with iTunes, because you've already separated them from their money when they bought the Points in the first place. After that point, a person doesn't think that they're about to spend a buck on a song, they think "I have 1600 points left, so why not use 237 of them to buy 3 songs?"

At any rate, I think Microsoft Points are genius. I think Microsoft should let you use points to by games on Handango and stuff like that. They should expand that micropayment system as much as possible.



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