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Vista Wallpaper Mania!

Long's interview with Vista wallpaper photographer Hamad Darwish has finally borne fruit. Today he put up the high-res versions of the pictures he promised that didn't make the Vista cut. Visit his home page to get them now. Hope he's ready for the bandwidth he's about to chew through.

It just so happened that I've also found some other really cool Vista wallpapers... in the Windows Vista Starter install. I was poking through it last night, taking a look at what the Vista Starter experience was like. They're definitely great pictures, even if most are lower-res (I'm guessing that Vista Starter limits screen resolution to 1024x786, but I can't confirm that yet).

They shouldn't be locked in the Vista Starter install, so I've zipped them up for the rest of the world to enjoy. You can download them here.

In all, that makes over 60 images for your desktop enjoyment. Have at it!

Posted on Feb 25 2007, 11:29 PM by Robert McLaws
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