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Vista, Office Coverage in Mainstream Press

The Associated Press put out a piece on Windows Vista that was in practically every major paper today. It's a rather ho-hum critique about how the Vista launch isn't anything like the Windows 95 launch. The funny thing is... Vista hasn't launched yet, so it's impossible to tell what's going to happen. Besides that, in 1995 didn't exist. You couldn't preorder Windows 95 and have it shipped to you. And you definitely couldn't download it.

Microsoft spent a HELL of a lot of money advertising Vista and Office at CES. Last year, Microsoft was doling out money hand-over-fist to cover expenses for events, etc. This year, the budgets are a hell of a lot tighter. Where do you think all that money is gonna go? My personal guess would be Vista marketing. Anyway, we'll see what happens next Tuesday.

Speaking of Vista marketing and CES, here is the Bill Gates HP commercial for the HP MediaSmart Server that was shown in Bill's keynote. I personally though it was hilarious. YMMV.

But in other news, the New York Times had a fantastic article about the changes coming in Office 2007. They did a great job talking about the features, as well as the pain points, in the new upgrade. The best quote:

It seems to be the work of the New Microsoft, a company far more concerned with elegance, beauty and simplicity than the Old Microsoft.

I thought Apple had the market cornered in great design? Well, apparently not anymore.

Seen anymore Vista or Office in the mainstream press? Please leave a comment with the link.



  • List244 said:

    I find it kind of funny, the only mention of Vista I have seen (without looking for it), came from the two oddest places. The first, Comedy Central with Demetri Martin. It seems anytime he is around, they show the Vista logo for a second. The second, the new Mac commercial where they explain how painful the transition will be...

    I really think Microsoft has messed up on their advertising. I like Vista, I think it is great that they gave users a free trial, but it isn't enough. There is more anti-Microsoft news out there than anything else. I have spoken to many people in corporate offices. The word is, "we will not be using Vista." Business' all seem to think that it is too slow, too expensive, and that they will need new machines to run it.

    Sadly, I hear the same thing from regular PC users, too. Microsoft really needed to start getting the word out to the public. They needed to correct the FUD, and let everyone know the truth. Vista is not "THAT" costly. It WILL run with 512 MB ram, it will run without great graphics...

    I think with the anti-Microsoft ads put out by Mac, and the FUD spread around everywhere, Microsoft is going to do much worse than they could have done.

    But this is all speculation, like you said, we will see.

    January 22, 2007 9:10 AM
  • Brian said:

    This showed up in my local paper last week.  Not much more than a basic rundown of the OS.  Written by a syndicated columnist Kim Komando who apparently does a tech  radio show. Never heard of her.

    January 22, 2007 9:11 AM
  • Brian Shapiro said:

    "It seems to be the work of the New Microsoft, a company far more concerned with elegance, beauty and simplicity than the Old Microsoft."

    The problem I have with this quote is if you go back to Office 95 or even earlier, it was much elegant and pretty than all of its competitors. AmiPro and WordPerfect were clumsy and ugly. Windows 95 itself had a nice design for the time. The demands for UI have just changed and Microsoft has been slow to adapt this time.

    January 22, 2007 10:52 AM
  • One of the big news items of yesterday was an Associated Press article which did an extremely barebones

    January 24, 2007 4:05 AM