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Vista/Office 2007 Future Availability on MSDN & TechNet

I was working on a quick-and-dirty tool to manage my MSDN keys, and I headed over to the MSDN Subscriber homepage, when I saw this notice:

Windows Vista and Office 2007 will be available through TechNet Subscriber downloads within 7 days of release to manufacture (RTM). TechNet Subscriptions is committed to making new content available to our subscribers as soon as is practical.

I have a feeling they meant MSDN as well, because it was on the MSDN site. But there you have it... if Vista RTMs this week (as expected), MSDN subscribers should get their copy by next week. Sweet!



  • This is probably a stupid question...but what about Connect users? Will there be an "evaluation" copy of Vista offered? Or is that strictly reserved for MSDN/TechNet members?

    November 5, 2006 11:59 PM
  • I'd like to know that as much as you would, believe me. I'm sure Wendy and Paul will have answers for us on the newsgroups this week...

    November 6, 2006 2:01 AM
  • The Phoenix said:

    Well, I donit know about anything else but aparently out of the 30,000 Official Beta Testers, the top 6,000 or so are gonna get a FREE copy of Vista.  I must point out that this is not 100% confirmed but it's looking that way.  So if you have been told you in the top 6,000 well done and cross your fingers. (Info provided by a friend who is in the Top 100)

    November 6, 2006 2:30 AM
  • Office UI Guru Jensen Harris lets us know that Office 2007 has indeed gone gold. He says he's proud of

    November 6, 2006 10:43 AM
  • PuntoRete said:
    November 6, 2006 3:09 PM
  • If you're an MSDN subscriber , you should see an alert on your Subscriber Home page... MSDN Subscriber

    November 9, 2006 3:08 AM
  • Jono Cono said:

    Windows Vista x64 and x86 were both available for download from MSDN on Nov 17th.  I was able to download both, although later that day the x64 version was pulled for some reason and now only the x86 version is available.  This is not an evaluation copy.  Vista installed very well and only took twenty minutes from booting off the dvd until the desktop loaded.  All drivers installed except for an ACPI driver, a known issue with some OEM Asus motherboards.

    November 20, 2006 8:00 AM