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Vanishing Point Phoenix: Lack of Planning, Details

What a pain in my a$$. So I just got back from Margaret T. Hance park, and I'm pretty pissed. Apparently, about an hour before the event, they moved it due to cloud cover, about 20 miles east of its previous location, way out in the middle of nowhere. By the time Josh called me to let me know, it was too late.

My problems with the situation:

  • The whole Vanishing Point site is done in Flash, so there's no way to navigate it from a Windows Mobile cellphone.
  • They didn't put out an e-mail to all the people who registered from Phoenix letting them know the site had changed. If they had, I would have got it on my phone.
  • 12 News was on-site ready to do interviews and stuff, and now I don't get to be on TV. :(

If the cloudcover was so bad, they should have moved it to another day, instead of having it take place all they way out in the boonies. And they should have had someone onsite letting people know the plans had changed.

Oh well. Still got to spend a nice afternoon with my girlfriend.