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Turn Your Home Server Into a Powerhouse

It’s no secret that HP’s MediaSmart Server, while sporting an impressive form factor, is seriously underpowered. Well, when I purchased one to replace my homebuilt WHS box last week, I decided that the stock system was not good enough. Thanks to Donavon West, the Windows Live MVP and Gadget Guru who also happens to run, and “ymboc” from, my stock EX470 model is now rockin a Dual-Core 1.9GHz AMD BE-2300, 2GB RAM, and 3.5 TB of storage (3 of these puppies plus the system drive).

How I did it:

I should note that doing this will void your warranty… but it is well worth it. A word to HP: the rest of your computers are configurable, why not give your buyers some OPTIONS?



  • Shawn Oster said:

    You may want to edit your post to reflect that the HP MediaSmart Server is *NOT* underpowered by any stretch of the imagination as long as you are using it in it's primary role as a backup server.  I have a stock MediaSmart Server with 1.5 TB backing up 4 computers as well as being the storage for all my media that get streamed via Sonos and my XBox 360.  Oh, and as my subversion repository.

    So if you're really pushing your WHS then I can see how it might feel underpowered but for anyone looking for WHS as a backup server it's more than adaquate.  I agree it would be nice to allow some more customization options but then again most consumers have this "well, if there are more options then the top option is the best one" so I can imagine people way over-configuring systems for just backup.

    August 8, 2008 5:59 PM
  • Two newsworthy items in the world of HP MediaSmart Products. First, Ed Bott reports that upgrading your

    September 26, 2008 3:00 PM