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The Vista Daily #9

 Today's "Daily" is the "Oh No You Didn't!" edition. It was a strange day in Microsoft-land. REALLY strange.

  • Microsoft tells Windows 7 watchers to find something better to do, like talk about Vista. Microsoft should have just let us talk instead of rapping us on the knuckles. They should know by now that pundits never do what they're told, and it will just make most of us dig deeper anyways.
  • They may not want to talk about "Windows 7", But "Office 14" talk is in full swing, even going so far as to have a schedule already in place. I usually don't link to AeroXP for credibility reasons, but this one's too long on detail to be made up. Kudos to Stephen for digging this info up. [via ActiveWin]
  • Today Microsoft announced that the Vanishing Point platform will be used for all future press releases. The media will have to decipher clues from spectacular events around the globe, leading up to the grand prize of... a comment from a WaggEd rep. One employee who asked not to be named said, "Maybe that will keep them occupied long enough so we can actually do some work."
  • The prior entry was complete fiction. Everything else is real.
  • Vista passes it's first Patch Tuesday. We won't count the updates that were posted on launch day.
  • UAC Guru Joanna Rutkowska wants Marc Russinovich to own up to UAC bugs. If only he was responsible for UAC in the first place.
  • Symantec sez that Windows Vista is not a security platform. But how can I trust them to get security right in Vista when they're desktops are still on XP? Better yet, how can I trust them to know ANYTHING about Vista? By the comments on the article, Symantec seems to be bleeding customers.
  • The Windows Mobile 6 SDK has been pulled from the Microsoft Downloads site. I have been unable to get an answer as to why. UPDATE: Never mind, they moved here, but the downloads don't work yet.

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  • Dena said:

    The WM6 SDK won't be released until March 1st, as per what it says both cached by Google and on the live page as seen here:  Neither of your download links work right now.  

    February 14, 2007 5:52 PM
  • The Vista Daily #9 - Robert McLaws: Windows Edition

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