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The Vista Daily #17

I should rename this to The Vista Weekly, because I can never seem to make this a daily thing. Oh well, here's to trying. Lots of Microsoft news going on, here's some of the things you might have missed...

Xbox 360:

  • A Mexico City mayor is trying a unique approach to fighting crime: trading guns for video games. Apparently, Microsoft donated most of the hardware and software for this trial. Why kill people in real life when you can kill virtual people without going to prison? Is Microsoft the key to world peace? We'll see. [via Neowin]
  • The long-awaited Spring Dashboard update is coming... and the long-awaited Messenger integration will finally come to fruition. Also included will be improved codec support, including streaming for Windows Media DRMed files. Let's hear it for Napster streaming!


Other News:



  • Toph said:

    I agree, all the Live Labs logos are extremely nifty. Well, except for the Windows Live Toolbar one, which is nothing special. But that one doesn't count. :)

    But re: DigiGirlz--does market research actually show that girls in that age group are going to be more interested if "Girlz" is intentionally misspelled? Because if it were me being targeted, I'd just be annoyed.

    April 11, 2007 5:34 PM