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The Vista Daily #10

The last few days have been crazy, so I missed last night's recap.

Is it Friday already? Dang it. Where do the weeks go?



  • Neil said:

    "The Xbox 360 is propping up PS3 sales... literally".

    Robert I am in Australia and I tell you what if (and probably when) microsoft find out that "Harvey Norman" has done this there will be "Hell to pay" and someone will be sacked (and probably not just one person either). Harvey Norman consider themselves "your Microsoft specialists !".

    They are like your Wal Mart (I think) !

    That is just plain disgusting I feel !

    I will be having some words myself to them (not that a "Normal" person like me has any pull with anyone) but that is just not right !

    February 17, 2007 1:08 AM