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The Tech Pundits Are Twitter-pated

How many times can tech re-invent the concept of displaying information from an HTTP Post? Well, If you've had a hard time reading any goon news around the web this week, it's not just because everyone's in Texas for YATC (Yet Another Tech Conference)... oops, I mean SXSW, or in Seattle for the Microsoft MVP Summit. Nope, the web is quieter because all the cool people are now on Twitter. Haven't you heard about it? It's a site that lets you post to your page from a cell phone, making it that much easier to inform people that you're about to drop a deuce or have sex with "your mom". Sweet!

The problem with this concept, like anything else, is that it takes an effort to maintain it. And in this case, that effort expended is quite large. Techies have a notoriously short attention span, so the half-life on this concept will be considerably short, IMO.

And as if having one website wasn't enough, apparently Techmeme (you know, the site that crawls the web to tell geeks what's cool to talk about) has created it's own site on Twitter. It re-posts its content there, in case an RSS feed was just too much for you to handle.

Here's my question: Does anyone really give a damn what I or anyone else is doing on a regular basis? I mean, seriously. If you're constantly following the mundane details of other people's lives... who's taking care of your own life? Do I really want to be responsible if some poor sap is neglecting his kids because he's addicted to reading about what I'm doing at any given moment? I don't think so.

Now, if someone could show me a way that I could run my mouth off and get paid for it without people screaming bloody murder and questioning my credibility, I'm there. You remember money, don't you? You know, the green stuff that companies give you in exchange for your time?

So I'm not going to be setting up a Twitter site anytime in the near future. I'd encourage my readers to take the time you'd otherwise spend reading about the crap I do every day and spend it with someone you love. It might even make your day better.

[via Steve Rubel]

UPDATE: Dave Cote thinks Twitter is for Twits.



  • T Man said:

    Thanks.  I thought I was the only one that was crazy for not giving a flying f**k about what random tech people are doing during the day.  A stupid concept that is only made worse with someone like Scoble.

    When's this Web 2.0 bubble going to burst so that we can concentrate on the stuff that is actually USEFUL?

    March 13, 2007 3:19 PM