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The 'Life at Google' Author Speaks

A few days ago Long dug up an e-mail posted up on a website from an anonymous employee at Microsoft. Soon it was up on, Slashdot, and everywhere. I thought it was kinda crappy that Long didn't get any link love (blogging used to be about using hyperlinks to build relevance and GoogleJuice, but apparently not much anymore), but there's not much I can do about that.

That was all well and good, it was an anonymous story, and it was a good read. But then curiosity got the better of some bloggers/journalists. In particular, my friend Mary Jo Foley was given a more complete version that identified who the original author was. And apparently, the author was not too happy about it.

Personally, if I had been given that e-mail, I wouldn't have unmasked the author. Before, it had an aura of the unknown, like a mini version of Fake Steve Jobs. Now it's just the opinion of a guy that was published without his consent. Publishing his words anonymously was one thing, but he didn't want his name associated with the post, and since they were his words, that wish should have been respected.

I just hope it doesn't get him fired. But i don't think Microsoft would do that.