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TechEd 2007 Keynote Video: Doc Brown

Back to the Future was one of my favorite movies when I was a kid. Most tech geeks grew up with Star Wars toys... I had a Back to the Future skateboard. I watched the first movie so many times I can practically recite it from memory.

Microsoft often spoofs movies for their keynote videos, and this year was no exception. But while the "Napoleon Dynamite" Bill Gates video was probably the coolest one (come on, Jon Heder slapped Bill right across the face), this one was about as geeky as they come. And when Chris Lloyd came on stage, I got the feeling that he was thinking "So this is what Shatner feels like at a Star Trek convention." He definitely needed a cup of coffee and some cue cards. I was a little disappointed that they tried to make it too topical, instead of just spoofing the movie... plus they probably spent a couple hundred grand on licensing and production, and the "MSVSBS" detector was a $2 plastic horn... but oh well.

Here's the video, thanks to the guys over at Neowin: