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Tagged: Five Things You Didn't Know About Me

Long tagged me today. So now I have to tell 5 things about myself. As much as I HATE talking abut myself, here goes...

  1. I almost didn't have this career. In 2000, I received and accepted a 4 year full-ride Air Force ROTC scholarship to Arizona State University. However, I didn't pass the medical portion of the screening. Had I passed, I'd probably be flying sorties over Iraq right now.
  2. My parents are divorced, and both remarried.... so now my family is frickin huge. So I now have 9 siblings. 3 biological sisters (one is my twin), no biological brothers, 4 stepsisters, and two stepbrothers. 3 of my stepsiblings are hispanic, and I have 4 black stepcousins. Oh yeah, two of the hispanic stepsiblings are fraternal twins, and I have a sister named Meghan and a stepsister named Megan. This is completely true... and don't even think about stealing it. I'm already writing the sitcom.
  3. By the time I was 16, I had 10 years of experience working in restaurants. My dad was a manager for JB's Restaurants, and opened a bunch of stores in Mesa/Tempe/Phoenix. One night, his dishwashers walked out, and he didn't have any subs. So my twin sister and I stood on crates and washed dishes all night. It didn't bother us, we were helping my mom clean up the kitchen at 3. After that, I went to work with my dad whenever I could, including several summers of my teenage years at his restaurant in Show Low, AZ.
  4. One of my relatives (I think he was my great-great-great-great-great-grandfather, but I can't verify because my dad has the geneology book) and a grandfather of the current president of the Mormon church were the first documented settlers of what later became Arizona. But while almost all of my relatives are Mormon, I'm a Catholic.
  5. I'm related to Lafayette McLaws (I'm pretty sure he was my great-great-great-grandfather), a famous general under Robert E. Lee. Apparently, he liked to write a lot (although his writings were published more than a century after his death), and a lot of people have written about him. He's probably the oldest McLaws to have a website.

So who's "it" now? Let's go with Bob Stein, Steven Bink, Jeff Sandquist, Brad Wardell, and Jim Allchin.