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SP1 Won't Be On WU Until Mid-March

Contrary to rumors going around the web regarding an alleged screencap of an internal Sharepoint site listing the Vista SP1 release date, it's going to be a while before the general population sees SP1. Biplab Paul has the scoop:

* Mile Stone 1 (Feb 4, 2008): Available to OEM and Retail Channel
* Mile Stone 2 (Early March 2008): Vista SP1 Volume Licensing Availability
* Mile Stone 3 (Mid March 2008): Vista SP1 availability through Windows Update/MSDN/TechNet
* Mile Stone 4 (April 2008): Will be pushed via Automatic Update

Sorry to dash your hopes guys. I don't think this schedule is gonna change too much. Meanwhile, WaggEd was kind enough to send me the final bits for review, and I'll have some posts about it online shortly.



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    SP1 Won't Be On WU Until Mid-March - Robert McLaws: Windows Edition

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