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Seattle Times Q&A With Jim Allchin


Jim Allchin answers your questions.

The Seattle Times readers had a live Q&A with Jim Allchin the other day, posing some great questions on why average Joes should upgrade to Vista. Here's an excerpt:

At home I've been running Windows XP with Service Pack 2. It works just fine and I haven't had any security problems. Can you tell me in a nutshell why I should upgrade to Windows Vista?
Brier Dudley


I am so glad to hear you are having such a great experience using Windows XP Service Pack 2. Helping customers like you to be safer on the Internet is EXACTLY why I redirected the Windows team off of Windows Vista (then code-named Windows Longhorn) to get Windows XP SP2 done. I know it was the right call, but it certainly impacted our ship date. If I had to do it again, I would.

That said, while Windows XP SP2 was an important milestone in customer safety, Windows Vista takes safety and security to the next level. I have always said that the security in Windows Vista is not perfect (no software from anyone I have seen is), but it will absolutely make customers safer. Key enhancements we have made include a protected mode for Internet Explorer that makes browsing on the Internet safer, integrated anti-malware support with Windows Defender, improved firewall, enhancements in the way that people log on to the system with a new feature called User Account Control which you can think of as a usable standard user, integrated parental controls, etc.

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  • anonymous said:

    I'm still confused about x86 and x64. I know that x86 and x64 are NOT shipping on the same DVD. But, this article states that when you buy RETAIL ULTIMATE, you get both DVDs in the same packaging. Meaning you can use both simultaneously or only one at a time? What if we dual-boot between the two? Do the same product keys work across x86 and x64 if the editions are same? Also, JA says for other retail editions, you can order an x64 DVD from MS. Now, if I upgrade my Home Premium RETAIL to Ultimate later, will I be able to get an Ultimate x64 instead of Home Premium x64? I think MS should really setup a website for licensing queries and various cases.

    January 27, 2007 12:01 AM