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Questions About Migrating to IIS7?

I'm working on writing a chapter for a book on IIS7 that kinda dropped in my lap, and has to be finished in short order. This chapter is on migrating existing web servers to IIS7. At the end of the chapter, it has a section on questions and answers... it's part summary, part quick-reference.

As I said, I have to finish it in short order, so I wanted to pose the question to my readers. If you were buying a book on IIS7, what questions would oyou be looking to have answered re: migrations?



  • Chris Stanley said:

    With the new IIS7 site settings being able to be saved on a file share - I would look for information on how to move from a single site, or a currently load balanced IIS6 site, to a load balanced IIS7 site.

    How do the ISAPI scripts migrate?  And how can they be enhanced moving to IIS7?

    How can PowerShell be used to migrate sites?  Scripting multiple site moves?

    What about FTP sites?  Or PHP sites that are out there?  What are the best practices for migrating those sites to IIS7?

    April 16, 2007 9:16 AM
  • Shawn Oster said:

    Here are a few:

    - Minimum OS to get IIS7 and the gotchas.  One that I ran into that I *hate* is that the version of IIS7 that comes with Home Premium *doesn't* have include Windows Authentication, which means no ASP.NET debugging for certain apps, which in turn will probably upset a lot of the Express Edition users of VS.

    - ASP.NET Classic debugging vs. the new IIS7 Integrated Debugging i.e. what is it, what are the benifits, what is the difference.

    - Url Rewriting.  Can we finally drop all our IIS6 hacks and does IIS7 really have a better solution.  Some examples of rewriting along with migrating from some of the more popular rewriting methods into IIS7's native support.

    - Any permissions that are different?  Any UAC issues?

    - Any gotchas for people NOT running ASP.NET, like classic ASP or PHP.

    April 16, 2007 1:26 PM
  • diane wilson said:

    I've had PHP/MySQL sites running on my development system. PHP ASAPI configuration wasn't a major hassle. Keep your working PHP configuration file; if it's been running on a previous IIS, it should need little if any change. The sites had no problems.

    In short, no gotchas, but it would be good to check that with more than one data point.

    April 16, 2007 3:11 PM
  • diane wilson said:

    OK, one gotcha with PHP on IIS, but it's an old gotcha that bears repeating.

    PHP does not honor virtual directories, especially if they're outside inetpub\wwwroot. PHP wants to know where the inetpub directory is, and it assumes that all URLs map directly into that structure. I've only tried to mess with this in XP and IIS 5; so I have no idea what happens in a server configuration with multiple virtual sites. It's a PHP configuration issue, so it's something PHP will have to fix (and I hope they already have....)

    April 16, 2007 3:19 PM