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Poll Finds Corporate Vista Adoptions on the Rise

Over a year later, many tech pundits STILL try to spin Vista into as much doom-and-gloom as possible. Today that process got just a little harder. According to CDW's latest poll of Vista adoption, 48% of the 772 companies polled are either currently using or evaluating Vista, a 19% increase from this time last year.

Some other interesting things to note:

  • "Of respondents evaluating or using Windows Vista, almost 50% note that it performs *above* their expectations on key features and benefits."
  • 30% of companies are either in the middle of, or have completed their Vista rollouts.
  • Office 2007 rollouts are up 18%, to nearly a quarter of all respondents.

I'm sure all this makes Microsoft very happy. I'd love to see other companies get a lot more detailed with consumers about how they feel about their Vista experiences.