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Order Your Vista PCs from Dell & HP Now!

Vista doesn't officially launch until 12am on Tuesday morning, but you can get your Dell machine with Vista pre-loaded at this very moment. In fact, some of their machines are even getting free upgrades to Windows Vista Home Premium when you by 1GB of RAM or more. Plus, if you're not sure which version to get, they have a pretty straightforward breakdown for you. And finally, if you have an existing Dell machine running Windows Vista, they're starting to post new drivers at Dell Support. Still no Intel Viiv updates for my Media Center, but I'm hoping that changes come Tuesday.

So Kristan's experience notwithstanding, Vista's officially open for business at Oh yeah, and it looks like you can get one from HP now too... although you can't buy the TouchSmart PC until Wednesday. I like Dell's Vista experience much better, though.



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