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Off The Grid Till June 17th

Today's my last official day of work before I go on vacation. I'll be sunning it up in San Diego for a well deserved week-long vacation. I intend to catch up on some work, spend some time with my girlfriend, and drive up to Anaheim to see my sister Brittany for her 21st birthday. But most of all, I intend to relax.

So as you can imagine, posting will be rather light next week. But when I get back, I'll finally get to reveal what's been eating up my time the last few weeks. It's a project I've very proud to be a part of, and is the start of a few things that will hopefully allow me to transition to community work full-time. I'm pretty burnt-out on coding at the moment, so it's time for a change.

But you'll have to stay in suspense until then. Have a great week everyone, and try to play nice with the open source folk while I'm gone, mmmk? :)



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