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NVIDIA's Vista Drivers Suck, Now There's Proof

CRN Magazine uncovered some pretty damning evidence from Microsoft on how much of a suckfest NVIDIA's Vista support was/is. Among the 158 pages of internal e-mails released regarding the "Vista Capable" lawsuit, was a chart listing the "Causes of logged Vista crashes, by organization". Nearly 30% of all crashes during an unspecified period in 2007 were related to NVIDIA drivers, over 3x more than their competitor, ATI. Given the state of NVIDIA drivers, that's not at all surprising.

I recently had another run-in with sh!tty NVIDIA drivers, this time the nvstor.sys driver caused me to burn through *13* hard drives (that's not an exaggeration) on my Windows Server 2008 x64 Hyper-V rig. Just one more reason why I've purged NVIDIA chipsets from my systems.

But back to the subject at hand. While I am dismayed at the amount of in-fighting and general BS that went on over what made a "Vista-capable" machine, as well as rumors I've heard about how the WinSAT scoring system was manipulated (and the situation as it was relayed to me could be open to interpretation), I think that a bunch of good things will ultimately come out of this lawsuit, if it doesn't go overboard of course. I also think that the relative silence from the Windows team regarding completed/ongoing SP1/Windows 7 work may have as much to do with this lawsuit as it does Sinofsky's crackdown on anything that even remotely conveys a forward-looking strategy.

At the end of the day though, what is the remedy going to be when it is all said and done? A $25 rebate from Microsoft? Big frickin whoop...

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