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Not Even a Beta, “Windows 7” Gets a Name

AFAIK, this is the earliest that a Windows release has ever been named. It’s not even a beta yet, and the marketing has already begun. I think that is probably good news… especially for the people that have been covering “Windows 7” in earnest. Because the new name for the next release is… “Windows 7”. No, seriously.

So sites like, ShippingSeven, the other ShippingSeven, and others, don’t have to go through the pain of switching domains like I had to a couple years ago. Thanks a bunch, Microsoft.

Anyways, like many of you, I get my first hands-on with Windows 7 next week at PDC. I’m still finalizing my plans, so I’m not sure what my coverage is going to look like… but it ought to be very interesting indeed.

Let the games begin!

Posted on Oct 13 2008, 06:09 PM by Robert McLaws
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  • archmond said:

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    October 13, 2008 10:39 PM
  • asf said:

    But, it was very clear back then that Longhorn was not the final name. The only unclear part now was 7 vs Seven

    October 14, 2008 7:26 AM