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Microsoft (Wisely) Walks Away From Yahoo

The big news today is that Microsoft has walked away once and for all from the “Microhoo” deal.

I for one am extremely happy about this. Yahoo is a has-been company that is going nowhere, fast. They haven’t been relevant at anything since they started buying up Web 2.0 companies and doing nothing with them. Flickr is the only decent thing left over there. Let the company burn out like many others have. There was no need for Microsoft to burn so much money to add dead weight to the ship. There are many smaller, more innovative companies out there, like Xobni, who would be a much better fit.

I’m glad the charade is over.



  • Rex said:

    I'm with you 100% on this. I sometimes go 6 months without visiting yahoo, and when I do, it's for something very specific and then I'm gone. Microsoft can gain on Google in other ways. Let them faulter and come back when they are begging to be bought up for less than half what it's worth today.

    I absolutely love Xobni yet I know Microsoft has already tried to buy them to no avail. The owners there feel they have a new platform in which to develop on so I can only hope that we see the product improve immensely and see other companies add features as well.

    June 15, 2008 8:04 AM