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Microsoft Surface: Meet The New Arcade Table

When I saw Microsoft Surface for the first time, it very much reminded me of this old standby from my youth: the arcade table. The resemblance is uncanny. Besides the purposes that have already been shown, I think Surface has a lot of potential for interactive gambling in casinos, as well as an innovative way to enable Family Game Night in the home. Think about it. Hasbro could sell Surface-enabled versions of Monopoly™, Battleship™, and Life™... and instead of the board, there would be custom RFID game pieces, and the software could reside on an inexpensive USB key.

Well, that vision just jumped one step closer to reality. Joystiq has a video of the first videogame for Surface: Firefly. It's a simple enough game where you use your fingers to guide the flies into glass jars. It's built by Carbonated Games, the company that has a very large presence on MSN Games and the Xbox 360 Arcade. Could a Surface-enabled version of Halo Wars be far behind? One can only hope.

Coupled with Steve Ballmer's revelation that Microsoft has had "...more pushback to get a consumer version of the Surface than you can shake a stick at," I'm very hopeful that I might be able to make one of these my coffee table in the not-too-distant future.

And this time, I might not even need to worry about quarters.




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