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Microsoft’s Hyper-V Virtualization Solution RTMs

Well, they said it would take 180 days after Windows Server 2008s RTM for Hyper-V to RTM, and the team managed to do it in 143. Today, Hyper-V has officially launched, and the era of the Hypervisor has begun. is already running 25% of it’s 1.2B page views/month traffic with Hyper-V, and will be scaling up to 50% by the end of the month.

Now, can you guys please get to work on a version that works on Windows Vista SP1, please? Don’t make your enthusiasts and power users choose between Windows Media Center and Hyper-V…

And on that note, we’ll be down for about an hour tomorrow night starting at midnight EST, so that we can upgrade our servers to the RTM bits.

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