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Microsoft Releases First Vista Sales Numbers

Windows Vista is selling more than twice as fast as Windows XP, according to Microsoft's latest press release. 20 million copies have been sold in the period from January 30th to Febuary 28th. In fact, Windows Vista has sold more copies in it's first month than XP sold in it's first two. From Nov. 2001 to Jan 2002, Windows XP only sold 17 million copies.

Microsoft hasn't broken down any of these numbers, so we how no idea how many retail vs. OEM licenses were sold, nor do we know how many were sold of each edition. However, in an interview with Windows marketing director Bill Mannion, learned that Vista Ultimate sales are better than expected.

"We have relatively modest expectations for Ultimate, but it's exceeding that on both new PCs and the packaged product."

So, if you're someone who has been writing off Vista as unimportant, you should probably stop now. Windows Vista is Microsoft's hottest selling OS ever. They must have done something right.

Oh yeah, and BTW, it's ok for the stock price to go up now. :)



  • Evidence? said:

    This is absolutely useless information and probably false as well (knowing how M$ inflates the actual values). Why?, because there is no hard evidence other than from word of mouth...that too from Microsoft's marketing director. Give me a break, unless they come out with a documented financial sales revenue report for public release, anything M$ says us just going to fly right by me. If such a report does get released, and its broken down with details as per OEM / retail versions, what vista edition, etc...then ill gladly believe it.

    March 26, 2007 2:36 PM
  • MayoStudenT said:

    Yeah a respected company like Microsoft is going to make this information up. Whatever buddy! (they're not Apple)

    Vista rocks!!! Great job Microsoft


    March 26, 2007 3:03 PM
  • March 26, 2007 3:21 PM
  • Evidence?: Are you serious? Are you telling me that a multi-billion dollar publicly-traded corporation would put out a press release lying about their sales numbers? Give me a break.

    March 26, 2007 3:47 PM
  • TrackBack said:
    March 26, 2007 4:56 PM
  • JoeM said:

    This is showing me exactly what my customers are doing.  Most of which are now running Vista

    March 26, 2007 5:07 PM
  • Poster 1 (Evidence?) said:

    "Yeah a respected company like Microsoft is going to make this information up."

    Well, Im just using history to base my judgments, thats all. Not on this, but generally speaking of the company.

    "Vista rocks!!! Great job Microsoft"

    Your opinion, nothing I can do about it. But, personally speaking, Vista is nothing but a face lift to Windows XP....a kind of Service Pack 3 (albeit a very major one) if you will. The only problem was that it took 5 years to come up with this. I actually Beta tested Windows Vista, through all its stages, and while I kept giving them the benefit of the doubt that they might somehow close the gap to OS X 10.4, they never did do that. Don't get me wrong,  these sales numbers could very well be true, and they probably are, but there is no actual evidence of it (at least its not officially published), thats what I'm trying to say.  

    Ok, let me put it this way then...assuming that they actually sold 20 million copies....what was their project sales number?  I bet it was much more than 20M, and that was not even once mentioned.

    All I'm saying is that Vista was and still is an over-hyped though under-achieving product, that M$ still successfully (Kudos to M$) managed sell and make individuals think that its a spanking new operating system with many more features (don't even get me started on WinFS) than Windows XP.

    The funny part here is that as soon as an individual comes up and states Vista's flaws, they are immediately thought out as being Mac users. FYI, I don't own a Mac (yet). Infact I've been a Windows user ever since 95. I just feel that this version was not worth it, especially at the insane price of $399 for an operating system....common now.

    March 26, 2007 5:11 PM
  • Neil said:

    Would you believe that Joe Wilcox at "Micorsoft Watch" also does not believe the figures either ! Even worse he got some guys (Roger Kay and Paul DeGroot) to back him up !

    The most telling bit was though .... that it was ALL "opinion" and no facts ! !

    Like you Robert how could Microsoft "lie" about this information, the corporate regulators would be on them like a shot !!

    No my friend this is all just "sour grapes" by people who are either "full of themselves" or just plain biased against Micorsoft like Joe Wilcox is !!

    Even when I submitted the report from regardng the bugs found in the first 90 days of the various OS, Wilcox paid absolutely no attention to it at all ! And then kept striaight on rubbishing Vista !

    I myself still have Windows XP currently but will be upgrading when I can (finances a bit short at the moment).

    But I just cannot get some people how they need a "guide dog" to set them straight and even then refuse to co operate with it !

    Here is the copy I got from

    "Microsoft security strategy director Jeff Jones this week published a report comparing the security vulnerability profile for various high-profile operating systems in the 90 days of their existence. Surprisingly, Vista came out in front: Vista had 5 vulnerabilities in its first 90 days, one of them fixed, and one pending with a High severity rating. By comparison, XP had a total of 17 vulnerabilities in its first 90 days, 8 of which were rated High, when it shipped in 2001. The surprises, however, come when you compare the non-Microsoft competition. Mac OS X 10.4, a darling of the press, actually suffered from 20 vulnerabilities in its first 90 days, 8 of which were rated High. Worse, OS X 10.4 still suffered from 17 publicly disclosed but unpatched vulnerabilities at the end of those 90 days. "The data doesn't support [Apple's] marketing," Jones writes. Linux fared even worse: Ubuntu 6.06 suffered from a whopping 71 vulnerabilities in its first 90 days, 27 of those rated High. And there were at least 29 unpatched vulnerabilities in that OS after the 90 day period ended."

    March 26, 2007 7:05 PM
  • Bob Jones said:

    The number of computers shipping now is roughly twice what it was in 2001, and this figure includes all of those copies of XP that included Vista upgraded coupons from way back when.

    Microsoft is just twisting reality as per usual.

    March 26, 2007 10:22 PM
  • April 2, 2007 1:10 AM