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Microsoft Launches “Building Windows 8” Blog

Microsoft had a lot of success with the “Engineering Windows 7” blog, run by Steven Sinofsky and featuring guest posts by various members of the Windows Team. Their communication really added to the dialog around the product, and I think it was a great feedback channel for the final product.

The BUILD conference is a month away (unfortunately, I won’t be attending) but Microsoft is starting to ramp up their communication and PR. Today, Sinofsky launched the Building Windows 8 blog on MSDN, promising to build on the lessons of the E7 blog to further improve the “B8” blog.

I believe that Windows 8 is going to live up to the “bet the company” line Ballmer said last year, in ways that we pundits don’t yet understand. The next few months will be very exciting, as the impact of work that began immediately after Windows Vista will finally be revealed.

Posted on Aug 15 2011, 02:25 PM by Robert McLaws
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