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Microsoft Issues Amazon Smackdown for Preorder Gaffe

I was on the other day, checking up on Vista prices, when I was greeted with the following information:

Because of a Microsoft request, the many versions of the Windows Vista operating system are not currently available for pre-order at They are estimated to be available January 30, 2007, and you can sign up at right to be notified via e-mail when Vista becomes available for pre-order. If you've already pre-ordered Vista at, your order will be fulfilled when the software is available.

Interesting. So Microsoft must have forced them to pull the pre-order after they let the cat out of the bag early.

I wonder why they specifically mentioned Microsoft. What was the point? Are they wanting to deflect the customer anger over the fact that they had to pull the program? Did they conveniently forget that they leaked the prices and took pre-orders before Microsoft said they could? That's pretty childish.

I asked Amazon's PR these questions, and they refused to comment. Go figure.



  • John Topley said:

    Maybe they specifically mentioned Microsoft because Microsoft are they ones who made the request?

    December 13, 2006 3:02 AM
  • List244 said:

    They took the prices down again? I was just at Amazon not too long ago checking on the prices. I noticed they had it up for a couple versions, not ultimate. I thought it was weird that they were up since they had to take them down previously....and now... again, they take them down? They must just be eager to get some of the Microsoft Vista sales.

    December 13, 2006 10:04 AM
  • Dwight Silverman of the Houston Chronicle follows up my post on the hastily-pulled Amazon Vista Pre-order

    December 28, 2006 12:25 AM
  • Microsoft Issues Amazon Smackdown for Preorder Gaffe - Robert McLaws: Windows Edition

    September 16, 2014 8:03 PM