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Live Search Mobile Rocks!

Microsoft released Windows Live Search for Mobile yesterday, and it has instantly vaulted into the killer app for my Samsung i730 Smartphone. Gizmodo did a side-by-side comparison with Google Maps and came to the same conslusion.

I've been using the Virtual Earth Mobile application, which was a great effort, but marginally useful while driving. But this new app, in beta, is phenomenal. It's like they took all my favorite features of the new Yahoo maps and made them mobile friendly. Having live traffic data on the Phoenix freeway system fed to my phone in real-time.... wow. And how many times have I been downtown and wanted to know what restaurants were around.

I mean, yeah I know I could get a GPS for my car, I just haven't gotten around to buying the Bluetooth adapter for my Microsoft Streets & trips GPS unit. (BTW, WLS4M works with GPS units too.

But the feature that shows the most attention to detail is a simple one: when you rotate the screen from Portrait to Landscape mode, the D-pad on my phone switches too... so everything scrolls the way it's supposed to.

Looks like I might have to go get that Bluetooth GPS sleeve after all...



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