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JimAll Sets The Record Straight on Sophos Malware Report

It's great to have Jim on-hand to clear the air when people get the facts on Vista wrong. Case in point: Sophos' report that Vista's vulnerable to common malware. Jim sez:

On November 30, Sophos issued its monthly report on the top ten threats reported to them in November of 2006.  As a part of this, Sophos also studied Windows Vista's vulnerability to these malware threats.  I found the information and press discussion confusing, so I thought I would clarify what this really means for customers.

In order to understand what was really going on here, I asked the team to go look at the technical facts behind the story, and that started in the lab.  We began by observing first-hand how these various forms of malware affect a Windows Vista system using a system that was configured with the default settings and without any additional security software.  What we found was that if you are using only the software in Windows Vista (e.g., Windows Mail and no add-on security software), then you are immune to all ten of the malware threats that Sophos cited.

Read more at the Official Windows Vista Blog.



  • Mihai said:

    Yes, I so totally believe it when a company selling "anti-virus and anti-spam computer software," tells me that I am unsafe, no matter what OS I use.

    I believe it about as much as I believe a company selling an OS telling me that the new OS version is 100% secure, so I have to update.

    Nothing news-worthy here, same old, really.

    December 20, 2006 2:13 PM
  • List244 said:

    Mihai, what do you mean? First, it is true, you are unsafe no matter which OS you are using. Also, it is true that no matter which security software you are using, you are still a potential target.

    In addition, Microsoft, which I am assuming is who you are talking about here, has said many times that their OS is NOT 100% secure. They recommend you STILL secure your system. Microsoft has taken the position that you can never be 100% secure.

    December 22, 2006 2:56 PM
  • Graham Fluet said:

    Sophos says the same reason why to install their AV software for mac. But the threat is so low, why would anyone PAY for AV software? juyst download ClamXav, which its base is Clamav, which is very proven on UNIX system.

    January 10, 2007 2:31 PM