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Internet TV, V2 Extenders Coming to Windows Vista Media Center

Josh of WindowsConnected fame points out a monster Media Center-related press release today. In it, we find out that Media Centers with quad-CableCARD tuners are coming, as well as the V2 Extenders (finally!). But the big news comes in the following paragraph:

The number of content providers delivering video over the Internet continues to grow, and Microsoft is supporting this by adding a new Internet TV feature to Windows Media Center. Microsoft said its Internet TV service will be available for all Windows Vista Home Premium-and Windows Vista Ultimate-based PCs in the U.S. This new capability will allow a range of video content to be streamed to any Windows Media Center or Extender in the connected home. Further details will be announced at the DigitalLife event in New York on Sept. 27, 2007.

Josh speculates that it's going to be a Mediaroom plugin, but I think it's going to be closer to what was supposed to go into the Xbox 360 (of course, they could be one and the same). Does this mean that IPTV won't be in the 360? We'll see at the end of the month. Makes me want to jump on a plane and head to DigitalLife. Any companies want to sponsor me?

UPDATE: I just got the following e-mail from Brandon LeBlanc of the Windows Experience Blog:

The announcement this week regarding Internet TV for Windows Media Center is *NOT* IPTV.

Internet TV is broadband video delivered over any internet connection, such as MSN Video.
IPTV is TV and Video over a managed broadband network, usually delivered by a telco company.

The Media Center Team wants to avoid confusion between the Internet TV announcement and IPTV. Internet TV is NOT IPTV for Windows Media Center and should not be seen as a signal that it is coming for Windows Media Center at this time.

Oops, my bad. Sorry for the confusion.