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'Indigo' Goes Mobile With WCF-CE

Microsoft (and by "Microsoft" I mean an employee who has posted to his blog three times in the last two years) announced today that it's taking Indigo on the road with "Windows Communication Foundation - Compact Edition." It's a subset of WCF that runs on top of the .NET Compact Framework and allows, among other things, disconnected "push" data scenarios using e-mail as a message channel.

Well, .NetCF team has been very busy since we shipped CF 2.0. A number of exciting things are happening here.  Earlier Mike gave away some "hints" about what's coming: "the NET CF team is working on WCF subset for the next release, with some interesting support for transiently connected networks." I think it's time to elaborate on what that really means.

We are bringing a subset of WCF (Windows Communication Foundation, formerly known as Indigo) to devices. WCF provides a new unified programming model for building connected applications with managed code. The cool thing I like the most about WCF is its' extensible channel architecture. It allows building applications that can work on top of completely different transports and protocol channel stacks. Using WCF programming model, now I can send and receive data in my application equally easily using HTTP, TCP or e-mail.  In many cases I can maintain identical or very similar communication logic code - sending and receiving the data works on top of various channels (only the initialization part will be different, as different channel stacks need to be constructed).

Using a human messaging system to pass data to a mobile device? Genius. Does that mean WCF-CE is like Blogmailr on crack? (Sorry, I've been meaning to plug this cool service for a while, and it seemed approproate here).

Can't wait to hear more about .NET CF 3.0...

[via Vibro.NET]

Posted on Nov 21 2006, 05:13 PM by Robert McLaws
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