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Illegal Vista Activation Server Pops Up

Josh over at WindowsConnected is reporting that an illegal Key Management Service (KMS) server has popped up on the Internet. His article explains how KMS manages Vista activation for Volume Licensing customers. Apparently the server is in China, registered by the same company that was responsible for a recent Word zero-day attack.

If the only thing stopping people from putting these servers on the public Internet is a license agreement, Microsoft may have a much bigger problem on it's hands than leaked VLKs. You would think that those servers would be required to register with Microsoft every 15 days or something to stay active.



  • Raiker said:

    KMS server leaked to web himself too. So anybody can download it, install in his local and activate it ;-) But I dont think this method of activation will be used by manu users - it works only with Enterprise and Business editions, but not with Home Premium or Ultimate.

    December 4, 2006 9:18 AM