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I'm Hiring Again, Do You Know Community Server?

Every so often I post a request for someone with expertise in a certain area, and it's that time again. This time around, I have several Community Server 2007 projects that I need a developer on. It's a paid, part-time, contract-to-hire position that could become a full-time job if all goes well. If you're interested, you'd be building out Community Server websites for a couple new clients of mine, plus you'll get to work on making this site better too.

And you get special bonus points if you know Classic ASP and are interested in working on a long-term Classic ASP => ASP.NET 2.0 conversion project.

If you're interested, use the contact form on my blog to e-mail me, and we'll chat about the position. Thanks!



  • Brent Giesler said:


    I'm interested in all of that.  Please feel free to contact me at 214.334.8969 or via email at


    Brent Giesler

    Denton, TX

    ...database applications for the office and the web...


    msn IM:

    April 26, 2007 10:10 AM