Robert McLaws: Windows Edition

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Here's Where The Fun Begins

The next 48 hours are going to be very exciting in the world of Windows. Tonight, the new Windows section of went live, with a fantastic interactive experience that is, dare I say it, more polished than Apple's home page. now points you to the new Vista consumer experience, which is breathtaking. oops, looks like Long beat me to the announcement.

Also, new drivers are starting to make their way onto Windows Update. Already I've been prompted to update my WiFi and ATI video card drivers. I'm expecting hoping that by this time tomorrow, all the drivers for my devices will be updated, and I'll have new BIOS updates to match. Here's to hoping.

And speaking of this time tomorrow, I'll be at the Best Buy in Glendale on Bell Road and Loop 101 tomorrow night for the launch party. I'm really looking forward to meeting with customers and hearing what they have to say about Windows Vista. I'll post video as soon as I get a chance.

And don't forget the webcast tomorrow at 1:45pm PST. Links: 500K | 220K | 100K

And if you think this is it... you ain't seen nothin yet. Five years of work... culminates in these moments. Congratulations, Microsoft. Launch day's finally here!