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Here Comes The Zune Phone

CrunchGear confirms from an FCC filing that the Zune Phone may hit the streets before the iPhone.

With 3G on the rise, 4G is still the far future. With popular providers like T-Mobile still struggling to put out their 3G networks, anything beyond is sci-fi. A little digging, however, and we found this press release from August of last year, in which Sprint/Nextel announced its plans to build out a 4G network based on the IEEE 802.16e mobile WiMax standard. The 802.16 standards use OFDM, the exact same modulation protocol as the Microsoft device in the FCC filing.

Beginning to get the picture, yes?

If this all fits together, it looks like MS is working on a mobile WiMax-enabled Zune Phone, which would have download speeds of up to 2Mbps, fast enough for the Xbox-to-Zune streaming we’ve heard about, and fast enough for just about anything else the Zune Phone might be used for.

So now that we know that the Zune Phone is real, and that it’s in development, what else can we say about it? Tons.

The first real news is that we can expect to hear an announcement from Redmond about the it before March 17, St. Patrick’s Day, at which time we should learn the name of the device. At the same time, we should also learn other launch specifics, and here’s where it gets incredibly juicy; our source says that, pending FCC approval, the specter-like Zune Phone will hit the streets sometime in May, a full month before the iPhone.

No, really.

Ha! Take that, Apple! Hopefully we'll get details in the next month or so. With the Windows Mobile 6 details starting to flow Monday, it makes me wonder... would the Zune Phone be stable enough, yet pack enough WM6 features to make me ditch my current Pocket PC Phone? Or will they take a different route? Any way you slice it, things just got interesting...

[via Scott Watermasysk]

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