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Help Scott Hanselman Fight Diabetes

My friend Scott Cate IMed me today about another friend of mine, Scott Hanselman. You might know him from Hanselminutes, a podcast he puts on with Carl Franklin. He has diabetes, and is trying to raise $50,000 for Diabetes Walk 2007. As of right now, he's only 47% towards his goal, and fundraising ends next week. I'd like to see him get closer to his goal, so I'm asking for your help.

ScottC has an offer right now to donate all the proceeds from his EasySearchASP.NET control to ScottH's walk, and has a significant discount for anyone who buys it. Alternatively, if you don't need EasySearchASP.NET, you can also just log onto ScottH's donation page and make a direct donation. You should also check with your employer and see if they do donation matching.

This is really important to ScottH, and he does a lot for the developer community, so let's all pitch in and give him a hand.



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