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For But a Few Brief Moments, I Was Totally Awesome

I'm sitting at the San Francisco airport, waiting to board my plane back to Phoenix. The past few days, I've been all over Silicon Valley, with Michael Reyes from Hardware Geeks, Andru Edwards & Jesse from GearLive, and Xavier from plus the great folks over at BuzzCorps. On Tuesday, BuzzCorps and I spent most of the day at the infamous Lightspeed Ventures VC firm, which was pretty cool. Then the whole gang and I got to be one of the *very* few people who has ever set foot into the HP garage... which was quite a treat. I'll have some cool pictures of that up pretty soon.

Yesterday we got to see HP's "Home of the Future", and then we had a discussion with about 50 HP employees about influencers and blogging. Along the way, I got to meet a bunch of really great HP employees, who showed us an awesome time :).

But that's not why I was totally awesome. You see, on the way to lunch in Cupertino yesterday, we drove by the Apple campus. In fact, we were stopped out in front of it for more than a minute. And as I resisted the urge to throw eggs at Steve Jobs' car, for those few brief seconds, I was as awesome as I am ever going to be, just by being in the sheer proximity of the coolest company on the planet.

And now I'm disappointed, because at a month from turning 26, I've peaked. It will never get any better than this. To paraphrase Lewis Black, the only thing to do from here is acquire a serious drug problem, drop of the face of the earth for a while, then start a blog over at again and work my way back to the top.

I guess I'll just have to make due somehow. As soon as my camera gets back, I'll be sure to post a bunch of pics.