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Everyone Caught the CES Flu

So I was planning on posting this whole SLEW of information from CES. I've got reviews, I've got video, you name it. I skipped town Wednesday morning to fly back to San Francisco to meet with a new client. Well, I wasn't feeling too hot on Thursday, and by mid-afternoon, I had a fever of 102, and I was totally wasted. I had to bail on the rest of my meeting the next day, and fly home early... clearing my ears every 5 minutes and blowing my nose almost that often. I spent the rest of the weekend popping Advil, DayQuil, and ColdEze like they were candy. Unfortunately I leave to meet with another client tomorrow, so I'm trying to rest up as much as humanly possible before then.

But I'm definitely not the only one:

Next year I hope to get one of those BuzzCorps CES Survival Kits, with the Airborne and the hand stuff in it, so I can start prepping early. (Speaking of Airborne, am I the only one that finds the whole "created by a schoolteacher" thing a bit dubious? I mean, what she a chemist too? Otherwise, how does having a teaching certificate qualify a person to make a homeopathic immune system booster?)



  • You don't need any qualifications to make a homeopathic remedy, because they don't do anything - they're pure water.

    The dilutions of the active ingredient are so great, no molecules of the active ingredient remain in the final thing. It's pseudo-science gibberish.

    January 14, 2008 5:11 PM
  • Dale said:


     Sorry you feel bad, but I havn't seen a thing on this Blog that has to do even remotetly with computers/Vista/MS in over 2 weeks... your slacking on us...

    January 15, 2008 7:18 AM
  • Ben said:


    Andrew's right. The box should say "created by a very rich teacher." It is a multivitamin just like Flintstones, but since it's homeopathic, I doubt it's even that good. Your friendly pharmacist's rec: phenylephrine 1% nasal spray. The brand doesn't matter, but make sure you get the kind that has an actuator on top to pump the spray out, rather than just squeezing the bottle.

    January 18, 2008 11:36 PM
  • Ben said:

    Robert, with all due respect, who gives a *** that you have the flu.  I've got cancer, but do you see me wasting everyone's time blogging about it?  

    Bobby, you're really losing your touch.

    January 20, 2008 8:38 PM
  • Mickey Mouse said:

    Robert, I love this blog.. but perhaps it's time to seek some new inspiration?

    Your blogging team isn't posting (and some have left) and the Longhorn-buzz that got you to the top is suddenly on people's "don't care" list...

    Maybe you should start some more-equal coverage of the tech world, non-Windows included? After all, it seems that there isn't anything of worth going on in the Windows world or we'd have seen more content coming out of your camp......

    January 24, 2008 10:35 AM