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ESG Says Businesses Should Install Vista Now

What?!?! An analyst is saying that businesses should adopt Vista now?

So here's my thought. Since most large shops are going to upgrade to Windows Vista anyway, why not eschew the add-on tools and fast track the migration? In other words, use your need for laptop encryption as a rationale to jump on the Windows Vista bandwagon in 2007?

Now I realize that my suggestion borders on Analyst blasphemy. It is common wisdom to recommend waiting to upgrade to new operating systems while Microsoft "gets the bugs out." Operating system migrations are also more difficult and costly than simply deploying an encryption utility. Clearly, I am comparing apples and oranges and am way off base.

I don't think so.




  • Graham Fluet said:


    I'd rather get Leopard, because it is a semi-Service Pack that has been Re-Optimized, comes with new features, and is supposed to have a new GUI called Luminous.

    January 10, 2007 4:03 PM