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Enable The SuperBar in Windows 7 Pre-Beta!

One of the big disappointments of the Pre-Beta build was the lack of the New Taskbar, which is referred to internally as the SuperBar. We had been told that the feature was not in the build at all. But Raphael, one of our friends from Within Windows, was handed a note at PDC instructing him to dig deeper into the bits to unlock the feature. He dismissed it, but luckily he stumbled on it anyways. It turns out, Microsoft protected the feature to the internal corporate network, but Explorer bypasses the check if it finds a cached result. Raph figured out how to cache the result, and whamo! SuperBar goodness for all. Hit this link for a semi-technical explanation, and the workaround.

[via Neowin]



  • BTW, I am totally in love with the SuperBar. The animations between previews of different sizes are sexy as hell.

    November 2, 2008 9:24 PM
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    November 7, 2008 12:27 AM
  • If you love the super bar like I do… but want those task button program name lables back like I did here is how to enable them!!!

    Caution this is a registry hack!!!

    For each user namely yours.. go to …


    and find the REG_DWORD entry called…


    and set the value to 1 and you will get traditional task button program lables… Set back to 0 to restore default look.

    Pay close attention to the button as you hover over it the inital animation is cool and the glowing effect follows your curser… it does this by default but with the Glom on 1 it is much more apparent…

    Very Cool…

    As far as i can tell from searching this I am the only one to figure this one out… so unless someone can prove someone else found this before 8:01am on Saturday, November 8th of 2008… Its mine!!!

    This Reg Tweak was brought to you by, Me

    Matt A. Tobin of Binary Outcast

    (site will be back up soon)

    November 8, 2008 7:07 AM