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Dell + Vista + (PRODUCT) RED = Fighting AIDS in Africa

windows vista red 

Microsoft was going to wait until Davos to announce this, but C|NET (as usual) doesn't have much respect for embargoes. At any rate, Dell has partnered with Microsoft to offer special editions of their respective products for (PRODUCT) RED, which helps fight AIDS in Africa. Microsoft has created a new SKU for Vista (the one time they probably WON'T catch flack for doing so) called Windows Vista Ultimate (PRODUCT) RED, that contains:

  • 6 Wallpapers
  • 2 Sidebar Gadgets
  • 1 Screensaver
  • 1 DreamScene movie

Its really important to point out that the price of the new computers with the new Vista SKU are not marked up in any way, they are exactly the same price as the non-RED models. In fact, you get MORE if you buy the RED edition, because of the extra customizations (like the new logos etched in the machines, etc). So you get a computer with some cool extras, and some poor kid in Africa gets up to 6 months of AIDS medication. Seems pretty win-win to me.

Anyways, Microsoft was kind enough to provide Windows Featured Communities with screenshot of what the desktop looks like in advance of the official announcement:


And these banners just went up all around the Microsoft campus in (RED)MOND:

(RED)MONDCampus banner

Personally, I think it's really cool that more and more bigger companies are getting into this. Some people might argue that the Vista customizations are frivolous, but at the end of the day, it is helping a very good cause, with zero added cost to the consumer. Why would you not want to buy one?

I think Microsoft should take it even further. For example, they already offer a red Zune... they should have a special edition Zune (RED) from Zune Originals that has some cool inscription on the back or something. Then $25 from every Zune (RED) gets donated to the cause, or something like that.

Anyways, as soon as they go on sale, Windows-Now will have a link up in the sidebar to point you in the right direction. As I have a crapload of pictures to post as well, as soon as I'm allowed to.