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CRN Apparently Dreams Up 'Fresno'

Late Thursday afternoon, CRN Magazine reported that Microsoft was coming out with a Windows "Longhorn" Server appliance code-named "Fresno". The idea was that Microsoft would use it to compete against Linux by not making people connecting to the device have a Client Access License.

Well, a day later, that rumor is supposedly false. Joel Sider from Windows Server Division posted this commment on

"The Windows Server team here at MS has noticed a few articles speculating about a Windows Server-based product code-named “Fresno”.  We’re not sure where the claims originated, but we wanted to help set the record straight and let the community know there is no such product in planning."

Joel Sider, Microsoft Windows Server Division

For the record that Microsoft told me that the Vista launch date I uncovered at was inaccurate too, and they've denied the existance of many things that eventually turned out to be true. So was CRN on the money? I guess we'll find out next year, won't we?



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